Because when you have fine art you protect and cherish it. When you have fine art you share and show it. When you have fine art...
Faith, family and our stories. Life moves so quickly it's good to slow at times and remember. To reflect on the stories that brought us here.
Meet the family of creatives from the midwest. We are many and yet we are one. We are the Kesters & we want to get to know you



We’re so excited to announce that we’re launching a round of limited edition White Ash Evans in collaboration with Pursuit Community and Jordanne Marie Paper + Design Boutique! From now until next Friday, November 29th, we’ll be offering a gorgeous Joy Is Yours design**, featuring calligraphy by Jordanne Marie. With every limited edition White Ash Evan purchased,…

In The Yard Written to “One by One” Grey Reverend The joy of a good yard sale is this:All sorts of things that you value are piled up as someone else’s rubbish. You aren’t looking for things that used to be expensive or popular. You aren’t looking for things that were innovative at the time…

About Us

The digital age is upon us and it’s wonderful. The ability to share your story with loved ones 1,000 miles away within minutes. You need those digitals. We need you to have those digitals. But then there is life. Those intimate moments of reflection, of happiness, of tears and indulgent memories. For those moments you need something in your hand. Something tangible to cherish at the dining table or by candle light with those you love. You need that too and we need you to have it. Digitals for now, tangible forever.

The H.H. Boogie’s collection allows me to give my clients more than photos. I give them a gift that will last for generations.

Christina Blanarovich Photographer

A nostalgia kit serves as a time capsule for my daughter, and I am so grateful that she will always have a connection to me because of the images and items I have set aside for her.

Allie Bennett Photographer

I like to think that decades from now, when my client’s great-grandchildren adventure into the attic, they will find a beautiful wooden box. The box will probably have accumulated dings and scratches, but it will be sturdy and solid beneath all that dust. Etched deep in the wood will be two names, and beneath them a swirling script noting the wedding date, a date that seems so, so long ago to the ones who find the box.

Perrie Vale Photographer